Those looking for a notary in Sydney may find the following basic questions and links to further information useful before deciding what steps to take in relation to their business. We also encourage prospective clients as well as members of the public to brows the “News, Updates and Further Information” section of this website in the menu above.

What is a Public Notary (or Notary Public)?

What do Notaries do in New South Wales?

What is an Apostille or Apostil?

What does it mean when a notarised document is Legalised?

Can the Notary come to my home or office?

Do I need to personally meet with the Notary?

What is a Notarial Register?

Why does the Notary have to retain a copy of the notarial act or certificate?

What is the meaning of a Notarial Seal?

Can a Notary in New South Wales notarise a document written in a foreign language?

What is the difference between a notarial act in a private form and public form?

How are fees calculated?

All further questions should be directed to us via our contact form located on this website. Those who are looking for a Sydney notary should ensure that they provide clear information about what they require: the kind of document that needs to be notarized, who drafted the document, where the document is intended to be used, and whether they understand the document. This information is important so that the notary’s professional obligations to the client and to the law are properly discharged.