The fees that Notaries Public can charge their clients in New South Wales are regulated and capped by the Legal Profession Admissions Board. Notaries are prohibited from charging anything above that caped rate. Depending on the quantity of work that the client may require to be done, a discount or concession may be offered to our clients.

public notaries appointment rules nswGenerally, fees for notarial acts are calculated according to (a) the type of notarisation requires and (b)(i) whether the client is a natural person, i.e. an individual acting on his own behalf, or (b)(ii) an incorporated entity such as a company or corporation. An individual who is a sole trader (i.e. working under his Australian Business Number) and requires the services of a notary public in relation to his business will be treated as a private individual as per (b)(i).

These fees may be adjusted from time to time by the Board, in accordance with what the Board feels is appropriate in the given professional and economic environment. Prospective clients are encouraged to check the scale of fees, as in force, which outlines the rates that apply for each notarial act.  The table of fees is located in Second Schedule of the Public Notaries Appointment Rules 1998 (NSW).

Please note that all costs associated with obtaining any legalisation, authentification or apostille (as the case may require) including processing and postage, will be passed on to the client.