Pursuant to the rules and customs of the notarial practice in New South Wales, the Notary Public will retain a copy of the act or certificate which is provided to the client, and this copy will be retained in a register that will serve as an official record of the notarial practice. Retention will be for a period of time after which the documents will be securely destroyed.

This Notarial Register will evidence all transactions between the notary and his clients over the course of the practice and may be called upon by any relevant authority (such as a Court, Tribunal, or an authority with investigative powers concerning the practice of the notary) in the event that some notarial act purportedly made by the notary may come under question or be otherwise disputed.

The Notarial Register will also contain the details of each client, the type of notarisation made, and any unique number associated with the document to be notarised. As an additional feature, our notarial acts and certificates are also given a unique serial number to enhance the fraud protection qualities of our notarisations (see further: ANZCN Practice Note – Record Keeping Guidelines).

A client should therefore not find it extraordinary that the notary will require that a copy of the notarisation be made and kept in the notary’s Notarial Register, which will naturally be treated as a secure and confidential archive.