The notarial seal, along with the notary’s signature, authenticates and therefore legitimises the notarial certificate or act. In the state of New South Wales, each Notary Public will have his own seal which will also include an individual, unique pictorial device situated in its centre. The unique pictorial device, which the notary selects upon being appointed to the legal office of Notary Public, can be any image that isn’t a protected symbol under Australian law or international treaty.

The notarial seal will be applied by way of an embosser over a coloured wafer (usually on the face of a notarial certificate or on the page where the notarial act is executed) and over the signature of the notary after the signature is applied to the document. In the event that a notarial certificate refers to an exhibit, that exhibit will have to be annexed, appended or attached to the certificate by way of being sewn through with a red silk ribbon, the ends of which are then placed under the wafer before it is sealed over with the embosser.

Those who will seek our notarial services can expect that their notarised documents are authenticated with a seal that contains the notary’s name, his jurisdiction (viz. New South Wales) and the notary’s device: a Monocerus (Μονόκερως or Jednorożec) rampart, facing his right. Although some people may find this process of sealing notarial acts rather complicated or tedious, the protocols associated with sealing notarial certificates ensure that the risks of forgery, manipulation or tampering are significantly minimised.

notarial embosser and seals with lawbooks background

The image above shows the embosser we use along with our preferred colour for the seal’s wafer and red silk ribbon (if required for multiple page notarial acts). For an example of how one of our notarial certificates for multiple page documents may look like, see our Examples of Notarisations and Certificates section. For more information about what services we can offer prospective clients, see our Services page or contact us directly on the details provided.

In the event that you believe you have received a notarial act or certificate from us but are unsure of its bona fides, you are strongly encouraged to contact us immediately.