Public Notaries Act 1997 – Schedule 1 – Clause 3 Saving of Appointment of Certain Public Notaries

Because the new Public Notaries Act 1997 (NSW) effectively repeals the Public Notaries Act 1985 (NSW) and because the authority of Notaries Public derive from the governing legislative instruments, there may be uncertainty as to the status of Notaries Public who were appointed under the old, repealed Act.

Clause 3 of the First Schedule of the new Act cures this uncertainty by explicitly stating that the appointment of Notaries Public under the old system remains valid. The clause reads as follows:

A person who was a public notary under the repealed Act immediately before its repeal by this Act is taken:

(a) to be a public notary appointed under this Act, and
(b) to have satisfied the requirements of this Act for appointment as a public notary.

Additional provisions exist under clause 4 in this Schedule in respect of candidates for appointment as Notaries Public, whose applications were lodged before the repeal of the old Act but not yet completed.

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