Public Notaries Appointment Rules – Reprint History

The reprint history of any legislative or statutory instrument (including rules and regulations) is the history of amendments that have been made to that instrument over the time it has been in force. The law is a constantly evolving body of rules; as social and political circumstances change, so too the rules may undergo alteration, augmentation and adjustment. Likewise, the growth of legislation may impact on other statutory and legislative instruments and these may require change for the sake of consistency and clarity. The reprint history of the Public Notaries Appointment Rules shows that there has been only one reprint; this means that there have been no amendments or changes to those rules since they came into force.

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The information in this post is based on reprint No. 1 (6 September 2013) of the Public Notaries Appointment Rules (NSW) as in force at 23 September 2008. This brief post is provided for general knowledge purposes only and is not to be treated as formal legal advice. This short article is copyright to the writer.