Public Notaries Appointment Rules – Rule 1 – Definitions

According to the Australian Legal Dictionary (Butterworths, 1997) “the section of a statute under which a large number of definitions provisions have been consolidated” is the principal definitions section of that stature, however “[o]ther definitions provisions with specific applications are located in other parts of the legislation. A more modern drafting convention is to term the definition section a ‘dictionary’.” (p. 339)

Likewise, Black’s Law Dictionary 8th ed. (Thomson West, 2004) states that a defined term, or a “definiendum” is a “word or a phrase given a specific meaning” and that this “lexical definition” is one in which a “dictionary-styled definition of a word, purporting to give the full meaning of a term” is provided. (p. 455)

Rule 1 of the Public Notaries Appointment Rules lists certain terms the definitions of which are specifically stipulated. These words and phrases include Australian practicing certificate, Board, Barrister, Court, Executive Officer, lawyer, legal practitioner, Prescribed Fee, Public Notary, Rules, Society of Notaries, and Solicitor. These terms and words should be interpreted according to these definitions in the context of the Rules, as and where they appear.

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The data in this post is based on reprint No. 1 (6 September 2013) of the Public Notaries Appointment Rules (NSW) as in force at 23 September 2008. This post is provided for general knowledge purposes only and is not to be treated as formal legal advice. This short article is copyright to the writer.