Public Notaries Appointment Rules – Rule 7 – Fees Associated with the Application for Appointment of a Public Notary in NSW

Rule 7 of New South Wales’ Public Notaries Appointment Rules states that the Board has the power to set its own fees associated with all “matters referred to in these Rules including the fees to be charged for any Notarial Practice Course conducted by the Board and any course approved of by the Board.” The costs and fees are to be fixed by way of a resolution of the Board, and these can presumably be altered, as the circumstances require, by further supplementary resolutions of the Board.

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The information in this article is based on reprint No. 1 (6/9/13) of the Public Notaries Appointment Rules (NSW) as in force at 23/9/08. This short post is provided for general knowledge purposes only and is not to be treated as formal legal advice. This short article is copyright to the writer.