The public notary practicing in Sydney is a legal professional with a minimum of five years continuous experience at the law (advisory and litigation work). “Notarial certificates” or “notarial acts” can be drawn for a private individual, a corporate entity or a business, and these can relate to a wide range of certification types. Some of the typical notarisations that are offered include:

  • Taking Affidavits;
  • Taking Declarations;
  • Taking Depositions;
  • Witnessing local documents;
  • Witnessing international documents;
  • Verifying the identity of a person;
  • Authenticating a document;
  • Authenticating an item or object;
  • Administering oaths or affirmations;
  • International Wills.

These will be documents that are intended for use overseas, and the notarisation will convey to the foreign authority that the document thus notarised is a valid document and should be given due weight in a court, tribunal or administrative body. Once the notarial act is produced, it will require either an apostille or further authentication depending on the jurisdiction it is intended to be sent to. Form more information, see the following sections:

In some cases, it may be possible for the notary to attend the office of the individual or business. See further: Availability and Clients.

notarized stamp