Revista Internacional del Notariado (No. 119, December 2013)

Revista internacional del notario 119The 119th issue of the Revista Internacional del Notariado (RIN), published by the Unión Internacional del Notariado (International Union of Notaries) has been released. This current issue contains the last message form the president/director of the editorial committee Leon Hirsch in the present legislature term. He writes that:

It has been a long time since the first scribes began, still in an unsystematic way, to perform an activity that has been perfected and adjusted throughout the centuries to support an important social imperative: to provide certainty to the most important transactions and acts.

L. Hirsch discussed the importance of the recent 27th International Congress of Notaries which was held in Lima, 9 through to 12 October 2013, during which current issues and recognised problems of the notarial practice were discussed and analysed, solutions and conclusions were proposed, and guidelines were articulated to ensure that the practice of notaries will be held to the highest standards of competence and efficiency.

The present issue of RIN also documents the various papers that were delivered at the Congress. Anglophone readers will pleased to note that English translations of several of these have also been included in the pages of RIN. These include the following:

  • “Reflections of the Notariat on Family Law and the Law of Succession in light of new social relations” [pp. 49-50]
  • “Legal certainty in the property market: The need for regulatory instruments” [pp. 53-54]
  • “Conclusions Forum International” [p. 87]

Additional English content includes an extensive article on the “Deontology and Rules of Organisation for Notaries” [pp. 135-147] as well as several resolutions and recommendations, including:

  • “Theme ‘Development of Notarial Duties'” (adopted by the general meeting of member notaries, 1st ordinary session of the 2011-2013 legislature, Cartagena de Indias, Columbia, 2-3 December 2011) [pp. 161-162]
  • Resolution No. 2 “The Public Authority and the Status of Notary” (GM-GC Algires, 18-19 October 2012) [pp. 171-173]
  • Resolution No. 3 “Theme Economic Usefulness of Notaries” (GM-GC Algires, 18-19 October 2012) [pp. 183-186]
  • Recommendations adopted by the general meeting of UINL Member Notariats in Lima to the national Chambers and/or national Councils of UINL notariats regarding the role of the notary in the aging society: “Aging Society a Challenge for the Notary” (8 October 2013) [pp. 195-198]

Finally, the André Ducret Award for the best scientific contribution of the previous Congress was presented to Lionel Galliez for his work “The Use of Notarial Documents to Secure Investments”. His paper “The Notarial Act – An Instrument of Investment Security” is translated into English in the present volume of RIN [pp. 223-230].

A review of the above articles may be published in a future post, time and resources permitting.